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Thursday, August 04, 2005 

Beer Review: Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

I decided that a nice cold beer would be great on this mild summer evening. I pulled a bottle of Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse out of the fridge and poured it into a pint glass, prepared for beery delight. As you can probably tell from the name, Franziskaner is a German import. It has a cloudy, golden color that is almost opaque. The odor is not very strong. There is a light "beer" smell, but nothing too aromatic. The taste is mildly bitter but very light. It doesn't have much body or after taste. A person (me) could conceivably drink many of these before feeling filled up. The import price tag would probably keep anyone but a high roller from doing that. Overall, Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse is not an overly impressive beer. It's good if you want a cool drink on a summer night. But for its price, I would probably buy something else instead. Franziskaner makes a great Dunkel if you are looking for something heavier and darker. I had one when I was out Tuesday night and was impressed.

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