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Monday, August 01, 2005 

Beer Review: Schlafly Expedition Reserve

I got this beer from my sister, who recently returned from a trip to St Louis. She only got me one bottle (cheap ass) so I hope this bottle is an accurate representation of Schlafy Expedition Reserve. This is an American Pale Ale, so it is amber colored, kind of orange. The aroma is powerful and fruity. It doesn't have that stereotypical beer smell. The initial taste is quite bitter. It's got quite a kick. It is also very malty and very heavy in your mouth. This is a beer that has a lot of body and weight to it. Surprisingly, there is almost no aftertaste. It goes down clean and ends up feeling lighter than you would initially expect.

I've never heard of this brewery before getting this bottle, but I will be on the lookout for it locally. I would definitely buy this beer for a party or BBQ. The up front taste and flavor is a huge plus. The lightness of its aftertaste is another huge plus. I could drink a lot of these and enjoy them. It has the lightness of a Miller product when in your stomach, but the strong flavor of a good import when it hits your tongue. St Louis still sucks though.

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