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Thursday, July 28, 2005 


Do you know why lawyers get paid so much?

They have to pay off all of their book bills.

This will be my 6th year of "higher education" so I'm no novice to the whole textbook industry. At the beginning of every semester, students head down to school with their list in hand, hunt for the best deals among the area bookstores, bend over and grab their ankles. Then the textbook companies deliver our bill in the most uncomfortable way possible. And that is if you are even lucky enough to find all of the books you need. In undergrad, I spent many nights online hunting for some stupid fucking book that the professor never even acknowledged in the material.

I have my list of books for this fall. I can sort of read it, but the tears have smudged the ink a bit. Five classes equals five casebooks equals $500. And that's just the start. Each class other than Evidence has a statutory supplement (which I hope to God we use) that runs between $30 and $40. Then there are the additional supplements that I will buy on my own. Only one of my casebooks has a Legalines brief book keyed to it. It will save me money, but it will also make it harder to understand the material. That should cost me about $20. I'm going to limit myself on other materials, so I will probably get only one other book. That should keep my total bill to $700.

Maybe I should try to work for Lexis, Aspen, or West after I graduate. Those bastards must be hemorrhaging money.

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