Thursday, December 06, 2007 

A Little More Complicated...

I had a chance to listen to the audio from the Boumediene v Bush case last night. I previously guessed that this would be a clear 5-4, Kennedy joins the liberals case. After the argument, I'm not so sure anymore. Kennedy was oddly quiet. The questions that he did ask seemed to hint that he sided with the government. It was very interesting. I'm going to chew on this a little bit more, then post about it. Until then, here's Justice Kennedy being funny...

With all the talk about GITMO and enemy combatants, I thought the mood should be lightened.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007 

Clinton on the Supreme Court

Scary title, isn't it? I'm using the word "on" in place of "talking about," so hopefully that should calm some fears. But wait. Don't relax just yet. Here's Senator Hillary Clinton talking about who she would appoint to the Supreme Court and her views on the Roberts Court. Buckle up and grab a sick bag. This is rough...

"...the Constitution is an organic, growing, evolving set of principles..." Thank you, Senator Clinton, for giving me a pithy quote to use as a reason why I will never, ever vote for you for any political office.

Apparently, the Roberts Court is rolling back the 20th Century. I hadn't heard; I must've missed that in the pages of the US Reports. I can't wait for that legalizing child labor decision to come down, though. I will celebrate that day with cigars and brandy along with my fellow lumber and steel barons. It'll be like a Thomas Nast cartoon.

I love her whole "this (the Roberts Court) is an assault on progress"/dark era of child labor reference... but she doesn't believe in judge bashing. Oh, no. Only Republicans do that. Give me a break.

Honestly, there isn't a single candidate running for the presidency that I support. None of them make me want to run to the polls to vote for them. But I will take a Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee, Thompson, Paul, McCain, Tancredo, or Hunter-Supreme Court Justice over a Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Kucinich, Biden, Dodd, Richardson, or Gravel-Supreme Court Justice any day of the week.

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