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Monday, August 01, 2005 

Current TV

I've been sitting here watching Al Gore's new TV network, Current. Guess what. It's stupid. Oh god, I just saw a woman giving birth. Can they show that on here? This is basic cable (satellite technically). Maybe they are waiting to run the good material in prime time or something. So far, this network has too much afterbirth for my tastes. The every-half-hour Google news update it on now. The lead-in graphic had a bunch of what I guess are popular search terms. The only two I caught were "Bill Clinton" and "prostitution." Happy coincidence? I think not. Hey, the 20-something Mass Comm major reading the teleprompter just took a shot at President Bush. SHOCKING. Here comes a piece about Free Trade protests in Miami. Those of you who are unfamiliar with a Free Trade protest, it is a bunch of middle/upper middle class college students with dreadlocks or bandanas on their faces protesting economic issues that they probably can't explain. If you ever come across one of these, ask them what they think about comparative advantage or ask them to explain why they think current tariff policies are good for anyone. Ok, even I have my limits of tolerance. Time to change the channel.

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