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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Organic Food

Why it is self-indulgent and wasteful, and why we must give it up.

From the FT column:

In 2006 I shall tuck into food made more productively and at a lower cost than organic and regular conventional agriculture. A food whose production increases biodiversity in fields and lowers pesticide use. A food enjoyed every day by 280 million Americans and indeed much of the livestock that we eat. A food that has brought nothing but health benefits to those who enjoy it. That's right. Call it what you will. Genetically Modified, GM, transgenic. I just like to think of it as safer, more productive, kinder to its local environment, and kinder to the globe. That's what I call good food.

Like this kind? Or was the columnist just being ironic?

Feel free to ask him.

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