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Saturday, December 31, 2005 

Comedy in the High Court

I know this article is everywhere, including the front page of the MJS today, but I'm going to link it just in case anyone missed it. The comedy stylings of the Supreme Court Justices have been studied in the latest edition of Green Bag. It's a nice introduction to the personalities of the Justices for anyone who isn't familiar with them. Here's my favorite part...
Sometimes, the laughter that apparently filled the courtroom is hard to comprehend. Roberts, for instance, got a laugh for this observation at an October argument on assisted suicide: "The relationship between the states and the federal government has changed a little since Gibbons v. Ogden," a landmark decision in 1824 about national regulation of the economy.
That's hilarious. Law hilarious. I'm hoping that the Roberts Court will be a goldmine of legal comedy. If President Bush wants to help that trend along, he can nominate Judge Alex Kozinski for the next vacancy.
You can read some of his writings here. I highly recommend his Guide to Nintendo Shopping, written at the height of the 8-bit age of the Nintendo Entertainment System. More appeals court judges should examine the ins and outs of Metroid.

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