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Saturday, December 31, 2005 

UTR Returns and a New Year's Message

One of the coolest law blogs, Underneath Their Robes, is back. David Lat, better known as Article III Groupie, has reopened the blog after leaving his job as a federal prosecutor. The site, which focused on judicial gossip, closed after Lat outted himself as A3G. It's kind of weird that Lat writes as a character, but it has definitely made his blog unique. I'm glad UTR is back.

EDIT: I decided to throw this message at the end of this post. To my two dozen or so readers, thank you for reading this crap that I throw onto the internet. I would probably do this regardless, but it's much more fun knowing that there are actual human beings reading what I write. It's great motivation to put time and effort into my posts. So again, I thank you. I hope 2006 is full of happiness, good health, and originalists on the federal judiciary.

Now if you will excuse me, parties await... (EDIT: no partying for me...)

What's so weird about a character writing a blog?

Apparently nothing. I just don't read many blogs like that.

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