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Monday, January 02, 2006 

Sodomy in Georgia

Do I have your attention? Good. An 18 year old received consensual oral sex from a 15 year old, and he now gets 10 years in prison. These are always interesting stories. Now for the sordid details in the article...
The six Douglasville teenagers –- all aged 17- and 18-years-old - said they had consensual sex with a 15-year-old female classmate. The girl testified in court the sex was consensual. A video allegedly taped at a party shows the teens receiving oral sex from the girl.
Must've been quite a party.
Wilson was convicted of engaging in oral sex, whereas Dixon's case involved intercourse. Because oral sex falls under the Georgia sodomy law, Wilson's case is different Balser said.
This has got to be a mistake by the journalist. I thought that Lawrence v Texas, by overturning Bowers v Hardwick, got rid of these sodomy laws. Maybe this is some nonconsensual sodomy law or something that doesn't fall under the scope of Lawrence. There is probably some form of a statutory rape law that takes the act itself into account that would survive Lawrence, compelling state interest in protecting children and all.
A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Monday in Douglas County. A prayer vigil is also scheduled for 8 a.m. that morning in front of the courthouse.
All the best prayer vigils are oral sex-related.

Sure sucks to be Wilson (pun intended). First, he's got that first name to deal with. Now, he's got a decade long prison sentence hanging over his head. Gee, I sure am glad that this guy is off the streets. That was sarcastic, by the way. Really, aren't there more deserving people to throw into prison? Just as a matter of cost to the taxpayers, why would you want to put this guy away for a decade for this? I just don't think it makes a lot of sense.

Age of consent laws aside, I'm a little curious as to why the girl seems to be escaping punishment here. Lining up six guys and going to town while being filmed is a sure sign that she's got some issues that need to be addressed. Perhaps there was a father who didn't listen. She seems to be getting off lightly, especially considering the maturity levels of 15 year old girls (and especially when compared to the maturity levels of 17 and 18 year old guys). I will give her credit for admitting that it was consensual and taking whatever social stigma that she will receive for that.

If you find this behavior repugnant, I don't think passing a law is going to do much good. That whole prohibition thing didn't work so well with drugs and alcohol either. It's just going to get dumb high schoolers thrown into prison for many years. You have to step up, be a parent, and explain the dangers of acting like this. Tell your daughter that no one respects a girl who works her way down a couch at a party. Tell your son that he's going to end up with something growing in his bathing suit area if he "associates" with girls like this. Rule by fear. It's worked for centuries.

Age of consent laws are pretty weird, and they aren't just weird in this country. Take Canada for example. Their age of consent is 14. However, you can't have a nude picture of someone who is under 18. Interesting, huh?

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