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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

This Aggression Will Not Stand

After having a great night last night, I woke this morning to find that a horrible crime had been committed on my own property. Some dipshit stole the Confirm Alito sign from my front yard. Originally, I had been bringing it in every night. For the past month or so, I left it out at night hoping that it was safe and that my neighborhood wasn't full of mouth-breathing inbreds. Unfortunately, I overestimated the decency of the people in this area. It was there at 1 AM, so the crime must've occurred between then and 8 AM when I woke up.

It bothers me that free speech and property rights have so little respect these days. Does one black and white sign proclaiming support for a Supreme Court nominee bother you that much? You are forced to trespass into my yard and steal my personal property? Wow, thin skin. If Alito puts that much of a bug up your ass, why don't you put up a sign of your own in your yard? You get to express your opinion, I get to express mine, and Thomas Jefferson doesn't spin in his grave.

I'm trying to figure out what to do in response. The hearings are less than two weeks away. In order to get another sign, I have to order it through a website. Processing and shipment will take time. I would probably get the sign after the hearings are over, so that seems like a bit of a waste. I could make a sign, but I'm not really artistic. I could make a different sign stating "Thank you, thieving moron. I have made a donation in your honor to the Republican National Committee." I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. I'm quite pissed off though.

well, someone stole my confirm alito bumper sticker when we went out drinking the day after finals, when you were in the fetal position, and that pissed me off. We were in a semi-crowded bar, but in the front, and when we were not paying attention it was stolen.

The only thing that would make me happy is if Souter's farm is confiscated in order to build a hotel that will fail within 3 years, and then he has to purchase his land at auction for more than what the government gave him in compensation...

So where was the sticker when it was stolen? On your car? With you personally?

And leave Souter out of this. We're dealing with MY pain now.

the sticker was out with us in the night in question. we took it to the old german beer hall and it was on the table. i think it was either JDR or the waitress that took it. Bastards. We do have some fine, Confirm Alito and Liters of beer pictures though...i will have to forward them to you.

Hmm... JDR... I wonder where he was two nights ago? Prowling in my neighborhood probably.

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