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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

2006 Predictions

A few contributors to National Review have their 2006 predictions on their website. Most of them are serious, some of them are humorous. I think it's interesting to see what they're guessing will happen in the coming year. I thought I would take a crack at it too...

Judge Alito will be confirmed to the Supreme Court with fewer votes than Roberts.

There will be another Supreme Court vacancy at the end of the term. If it is a retirement, it will be either Stevens or Souter. Ginsburg won't leave unless she dies. Bush will once again buck conventional wisdom with his pick, but will make a solid choice. His two legacies will be Iraq (for better or worse) and the Supreme Court (which will pretty much be the Bush Court by the end of 2008). In total, he'll get three vacancies, possibly four.

Roe v Wade will still be around. The Court will get back on track after the Raich detour and continue Rehnquist's federalism views from Lopez and Morrison. Chief Justice Roberts will more than live up to his hype.

Zarqawi will be killed or captured. Bin laden will not.

The Republicans will hold both houses of Congress in the midterm elections. The Democrats will pick up a few seats in the House. The Senate will remain about the same. The Senate Republicans will still suck.

In spite of Republican bumbling and scandals, the Democratic leadership of Reid, Pelosi, and Dean still won't achieve any significant gains with the voters. Poor showings in the midterms will increase dissatisfaction with Dean.

Ted Kennedy will consume a drink containing alcohol.

None of the big issues, Social Security, health care, real immigration reform, will be tackled.

The pro-democracy movement in Iran will gain ground and clash violently with the government. Israel will strike Iran if their nuclear program succeeds. Iraq will very slowly improve (as it has been), but the media will continue to ignore any and all good news out of the country.

Jim Doyle will not be governor of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin amendment to ban gay marriage will pass overwhelmingly.

If he chooses to run (and he will), Herb Kohl will be re-elected in spite of doing nothing during his time in the Senate. Only Tommy can beat him.

Milwaukee will remain a violent, disgusting city. We will have another violent crime so shocking that it makes national news. Our mayor and police chief will give a speech for the TV cameras, shrug their shoulders, and do nothing of merit.

Marquette University will have at least five bad PR moments.

I will close Eminent Domain.

I will still have no idea what I want to do upon graduating law school.

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