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Sunday, January 01, 2006 

New Year's Resolutions

Almost everyone has them, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon....

Exercise less. I need to put on more weight and get out of shape. Also, cut down on the fruits and vegetables.

Drink more. I've been neglecting the Beer Reviews section of the blog for a long time.

Pass all of my classes in spring semester. It would help with that whole graduation thing that I'm looking forward to down the road.

Find a good summer job. Sure, the nothing I did last summer was fun, but "sitting outside while reading legal analysis and poli sci books, then going to a bar at night" doesn't look very impressive on the resume.

Take up smoking. I have far too much disposable income, and it looks cool. Honestly, kids, it really does.

Post more on Eminent Domain.

Take an entirely spontaneous trip. Get on a plane with no luggage, no hotel reservation, no plans. Just go.

Spend more time at school. However, this will require a cot in the basement of Sensebrenner Hall and an overnight bag.

Drink more Kool-Aid. Couldn't hurt.

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