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Saturday, September 10, 2005 

On the Docket

Ed Whelan has a schedule of the Roberts hearings.

This order...
Specter (R)
Leahy (D)
Hatch (R)
Kennedy (D)
Grassley (R)
Biden (D)
Kyl (R)
Kohl (D)
DeWine (R)
Feinstein (D)
Sessions (R)
Feingold (D)
Graham (R)
Schumer (D)
Cornyn (R)
Durbin (D)
Brownback (R)
Coburn (R)

...interests me greatly. Kennedy will of course be comedy gold. I'm not sure if he's better while on the sauce or sober. Either way, it's a spectacle. Hatch will be good. He's a lawyer and will have great questions (probably softballs) but still interesting. They will probably be opportunities for Roberts to show off, but who cares? I'm into it. I'm sure Biden will be running for president for the duration of his time. Kohl and Feingold will make me ashamed of my residency. I have a Feingold post ready, in the on-deck circle, and I'm sure he will do something that warrants me posting it.

From what I've read, Feinstein sees herself as the defender of the sovereign uterus, being the only woman on the committee. I bet there will be more than a few abortion questions before her time, though. Schumer's time will be a sight to behold. I have a feeling that day's coverage will be on the TIVO for months. I get the feeling that Brownback may pull a Biden and be running for president during this too. He's got a nice closing spot and could go for the spotlight if he wants to.

I'm off on the first day, so I get to see all of the crap. Lugar, Warner, and Bayh are about as interesting as interpretive dance. But I also get to see Roberts' opening statement, which I think will be great. The questioning starts Tuesday, which creates a problem. I said I would TIVO it (and I will) but that's no real help. I might have to wrangle control of the TV in the student lounge at school during my really long breaks between classes. I refuse to be out of the loop on this.

Speaking of the docket, I promised a bunch of beer reviews about the Oktoberfest and Lakefront variety packs that I bought. Yeah. Well, I had some people over tonight and the prospective beers were gone within two hours. So if you were interested in those reviews, you're going to have to wait a week or so. I can't help it that I throw a hell of a party.

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