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Monday, September 05, 2005 

Are Sen. Schumer's Eyes Brown?

Cause he's full of crap. Corzine too.

I just saw these two saying that the nomination "raises the stakes" now that Roberts is nominated for Chief. That's just a load of garbage. What, does the Chief get an extra vote? Am I unaware of this rule? As far as I know, the Chief gets the oh so powerful role of being administrator of the Supreme Court building. Oooh, watch out. We can't have Roberts making decisions about what kinds of chairs the Justices have or the color of the hall carpeting. I'll be damned if I sit here and let Roberts decide to plant zinnias instead of geraniums in the courtyards. What about precedent?!

I'm being sarcastic. Sure, the Chief gets to assign opinions if he is in the majority and he gets to be the head of the Judicial Conference. Everything else is moot, in my opinion. He gets the crap work of being the administrator. He gets the Court named after him, which is neat and all but not of any material worth as far as law goes.

This is just politics on the part of Schumer. He's pushing this doom and gloom angle and it's just a joke. If someone has no idea what the Court does and what the Chief does, it may get their attention. But anyone who is familiar with the Court sees Schumer for what he is, a media whore and a fool. I'm sure he will behave as such during the hearings too. Don't fail me, Chuck, I have high hopes for you.

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