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Tuesday, September 06, 2005 

The WI Law School One-Two Punch

Our senators are morons.

I was making a joke about this earlier today before Federal Tax. Everyone sitting near me thought that the hysterics of Senator Schumer were more than a little over the top. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the WI wonder twins, Kohl and Feingold, have bought into the raised bar talking point. I guess the Schumer higher standard line is being passed around the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. I'd love to see them debate this theory with Prof. Althouse and Dean Rofes (he's also an associate dean, not just a professor).

I can't wait for the hearings to start Monday. I can't wait to see Kohl and Feingold ask stupid questions, totally miss the point, and engage in the usual partisan hackery. Then I will stand up and proudly proclaim, "This is the best that our state can come up with!" Then I will collapse into a ball, crying.

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