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Saturday, September 10, 2005 

I Love Kanye West

Really. I do.

I love anyone who can make millions of dollars off of a segment of the population and then totally ignore them. Well, ignore them until disaster strikes. Then he forgets that he spent all of his money on jewelry, rims, and Bentleys and none of it on the people who he claims to care about oh so much. He didn't give a shit about poverty or class-based issues until last week. Now he tries to point the finger at everyone else for not acting. Now he acts like the judge and jury, damning anyone who is not up to the West standard of purity (a standard that has been formed over the course of less than a week).

And his music sucks too.

EDIT: Oh wait, I forgot. He claimed in the past that AIDS was a disease created to kill off scores of Africans. His proof? Well, we're all waiting for that with baited breath.

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