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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Here, Have an Opinion Piece

The warmer than usual weather is sapping my strength, so posting has come to a grinding halt. I'm going to do my best to muster the will to post something of note. I was going to do something about the MoveOn.org ad tying Judge Roberts to the hurricane. I've always suspected that Roberts was a strict destructionist. He will abolish a woman's right to choose to not be blown away by 150 MPH winds. Seriously, these groups have descended to a level of self-parody. The punchline writes itself.

Speaking of judges and the Supreme Court, here's something that potential nominee Michael McConnell wrote a few years ago. He is one of the foremost legal scholars in the country. If you want to know about church-state legal issues, this is the man you go to. But that op-ed means big trouble for McConnell. It doesn't matter that he's widely respected, even among liberal law professors and commentators. People like Ralph Neas would be running around like a headless chicken, screaming about Roe. Too bad, he'd be a great Justice.

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