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Monday, September 12, 2005 

Novak Says I Am Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Robert Novak's column about the next Supreme Court nominee.

He says that Clement is out of the running after her interview with President Bush.
New names are Appellate Judge Karen Williams (4th Circuit, Orangeburg, S.C.), one of the most conservative federal judges, and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan. Priscilla Owen is viewed as the strongest choice and, at age 50, able to guarantee a conservative court for 20 years.

Owen would be interesting. She was one of the blocked judges, only getting confirmed through the Gang of 14 compromise. Will she be filibustered? Hard to say. I think it is more likely than if one of the other nominees were picked. I understand that Bush is going to want to pick "his people" (judges that he put onto other courts). That is just a matter dealing with certainty and comfort. But Owen seems like too much trouble. There is too much danger that she will be blocked. Every bit of dirt on her has already been found by Ralph Neas and Co.

Novak may be right. He has actual sources; I don't. I am just making an appraisal of the political situation of the nominee, not the likelihood of a specific nomination. If Clement has fallen out of favor, I guess I better start looking for another pick. I honestly know nothing about Corrigan and Williams. Time to start reading opinions...

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