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Monday, September 12, 2005 

Have Some Ham

Wow, Joe Biden sure is hamming it up for the cameras. "Look at me, I want to be president!!!"

Someone tell him he doesn't need to yell. His mic is on. Roberts is staring at him in the same way that I stare at my dog when he barks at his own tail. With strange bemusement and wonder.

EDIT: Both MSNBC and FNC cut away to commentary after Biden. Does only CNN respect Senator Kyl?

EDIT V2.0: CNN has the weirdest split screen thing in the world. It is 6 TV panels in their "Situation Room" that are divided like so: 4 are devoted to the speaking senator, 1 is devoted to Roberts, and 1 is devoted to an exterior shot of the Supreme Court building. I understand the first two, why the third? Is CNN expecting the building to do something? Haunted by the ghost of the late Chief, the Court itself rises from its foundation, walks across the street, and tells Joe Biden to shut up? Oh how I hate TV news.

EDIT V2.1: Ha, CNN just cut off Kohl. I've resorted to watching CourtTV.

EDIT YET AGAIN: I really respect John Roberts. Anyone who can feign attention while listening to this crap deserves to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

FEINGOLD EDIT: He's beating that dead horse concerning the release of the documents from the Solicitor General's office. I guess he missed that bipartisan letter signed by former Solicitors General saying how wrong it would be to release those documents. He also said something to the effect of wanting proof that Roberts would "...stand up to the other branches of the government when they infringe on the rights of the people." I hope so. I hope he stands up to McCain-Feingold's infringement of my First Amendment rights.

I GIVE UP EDIT: Read SCOTUS for the rest of the highlights. I'm hungry and can't watch this anymore. The Senate is probably the most medicore group of individuals in politics. They all think they should be president but can never win the election to become president.

I'M A LIAR EDIT: Ok, I'm back cause Coburn is crying.

YOU KNOW THE DRILL: Can someone explain the whole introduction thing to me? Can 3 people really introduce someone? Isn't the introduction sort of done after the first guy speaks? Should I really be shocked that members of Congress would waste time?

END EDIT: Good opening remarks from Roberts. I expect to hear the baseball analogy used a lot in the press. What a boring, horrible mess. I want to hear from Roberts, not from a bunch of Sleestak senators. Kennedy keeps bringing up the hurricane. I guess he would, considering he is something of an expert on people drowning. Check out Prof. Althouse's rundown. Her Kohl comment is especially good.

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