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Friday, September 02, 2005 

Beer Review: Unibroue Don de Dieu

This is a Canadian beer named after the ship of Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec. The color is a bright gold that looks refreshing. The aroma is fruity. I think that citrus is the dominant smell, but I am also picking up hints of berries. As it hits your lips, the beer has a sour taste. There is a heavy orange and lemon flavor. It burns on the way down... a lot. The aftertaste is a weaker version of the initial taste. Why does it burn? Because it is 9% alcohol per volume. It's a Triple Wheat Ale, similar to the Belgian Triples that are becoming more and more popular in import bars. If you haven't had a Triple before, here is what it is like... Take your favorite Weisse beer, pour a pint, then dump in two or three shots of rum. It's a mule kick. Don't drink it on an empty stomach.

I don't think that Don de Dieu is that great of a beer, especially when compared to other Triples. I think that people drink Triples for two reasons: the high alcohol content and the flavors. There are some incredibly complex and vibrant flavors in these beers. I think that they are as varied as wines. In fact, they are often paired with certain entrees and certain courses in the way that a wine would be. Don de Dieu lacks the pleasing flavors of something like a Delerium Tremens. And when the price is factored in, the Don de Dieu is just not worth it. I wouldn't turn one down if it was free, but I doubt I would pay for one again.

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