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Thursday, September 01, 2005 

Sick Hatred

Read Joseph Cannon's message to the people stuck in the hurricane's wake. Here's a few choice phrases...

No-one in the blue states (where the money is) should give one dime of aid to the victims of this hurricane, which devastated Bush-friendly regions.

So, at least, I started to write. But then (to paraphrase the old song) I thought I'd better think it out again.

Many of the victims, the ones who have suffered the most, are poor. The hardest hit were the blue state folk living among the red state maniacs.

And that's why we must help.

The message is that if you don't agree with me, you get to die. This is not a very liberal point of view. This is not a very humanitarian point of view. This is not a point of view that anyone with an ounce of compassion or humanity in them would have.

And here's the follow up. There are also some great lines in this piece of digital vomit...

The issue is this: Scientists agree that the global warming made the Gulf of Mexico measurably hotter this past year than it otherwise would have been. This is a fact which even the most Jesus-addled red state fantasy-prone dunderhead cannot ignore.

"Scientists?" Not all scientists agree with that point. I think he meant "Scientists that I choose to cite (not the ones I choose to ignore)." I take it that the ignoring of Global Warming is a reference to the Kyoto Protocol. President Bush never vetoed that. It never came across his desk. The Senate resolved that unless key provisions were changed (mainly the exemption of China) that they would not even vote on it. This occurred during the Clinton administration. The resolution by the Senate had zero votes in opposition. That means Democratic Senators voted the same way. Maybe Cannon should direct some anger at them for not wanting to ratify a treaty that would damage the US economy while reducing the global temperature by a tiny amount.

Now they come, hands outstretched, to their more prosperous blue state cousins. Not only do they dare to ask us for further handouts, they actually have the audacity to lecture us about our politics.

I think Cannon is giving his own political lecture here. Pot, kettle, black.

Newsflash, y'all: If you want money from us blue-staters, you're also going to have to listen to our words. That's the price.

No, we will not listen to anything you have to say in response. You are leeches. Leeches do not have the right to a response.

Fascism is much easier than democracy. Why on earth would we want people to have an opposing viewpoint?

The lecture comes down to this: BUSH CAUSED THIS DISASTER.

And YOU caused this disaster, you southern soft-heads, because you voted for that ape.

Bush caused the hurricane. Bush caused it to be windy today. Bush took my favorite seat in the library. Bush borrows my clothes without asking. Bush caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.

Check out this swerve...
We Californians and New Yorkers already pay far more to the federal government than we receive -- unlike the folks in Texas and Alabama and Louisiana, who take and take and TAKE.

Bush caused this disaster by un-funding SELA, a program designed to keep levees at proper strength in New Orleans.

"How dare you southern states take our money?!" "How dare Bush not give our money to southern states?!"

If I read ONE MORE article in which a science-hating red state pundit attacks progressives, I'm going to take the money I was going to donate to disaster relief and spend it on a nice Thai meal. And I'm going to suggest that all other progressives do likewise.

Very "progressive" opinion. Progessing towards what? Genocide committed on a geographic portion of the country?

And the sweet good bye...

I am going out on a limb here. Cannon has never been to the South or actually known a Southern person. As an experiment, remove the word "southern" from all these rants and replace it with the word "Black." That would be racism. What is this considered then, regionalism? It is bigotry and irrational hatred.

Cannon lives in CA. I've never been there and don't have any plans on going there in the immediate future. However, if there was a horrible disaster like an earthquake that sunk a portion of the state (also caused by Bush and Big Oil drilling too much into Mother Earth), I would donate money to help them. I would even give money to someone like Cannon to make sure he had a warm meal and a place to sleep. But honestly after reading this, there is a part of me that would love to stand on the shores of Arizona Bay and wave good bye to Cannon.

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