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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

The Campus

Since one of my classes was cancelled today (and one is cancelled tomorrow too), I've spent a lot of time just hanging out here at school. I did a bit of reading outside since the weather is decent, minus the wind being a little too page turning for my tastes. This is the first real week back at school. All of the undergrads are back, taking up valuable space and oxygen. Look at them sitting over there. Reading their books that have pictures and color in them. Ha! A real college textbook is 1200 pages of solid text.

Looking at the freshpersons, I feel really damn old. I'm a pretty youthful looking 23 but compared to some of these new kids, I should be off hunting mastodon somewhere with a clovis point spear. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to accept it and die sooner than them.

I read the first issue of the Marquette Tribune early while eating lunch. There is an opinion piece about the Downing Street Memo. Way to stay current, man. How long was this author sitting on that piece? It was all a platform to plug the war protest in DC in September. I think that protests like that are the most selfish, wasteful, and meaningless activity that a person against the war can do. What does it really accomplish? Unless it ends in a storming of the Capitol (which would make for great TV but a horrible domestic situation), it does nothing. You or some group spends a lot of money to bus you across the country (gas is expensive; Big Oil even created a hurricane to shut down our Gulf refineries), you possibly miss work or school, you chant and march around, and at the end of the day, nothing changes. You might feel good about yourself and end up scoring with that girl from Vermont, but so what. Not that I want to give these people advice, but why not put that time, capital, and energy into winning a few elections? Find someone to run for office that is decent and get to work campaigning. It will do more good than a glorified field trip.

Speaking of Marquette politics, I found these two blogs via John McAdams' blog. 1832, which is a liberal MU blog, and GOP3, a conservative MU blog. I haven't read all of their stuff, but here's what it looks like to me so far. Basically, it is one big pissing match back and forth. And I think that's great. Where are the future leaders of America going to learn the important political skill known as mudslinging. Why, Marquette University of course. This is what the Tribune opinion page looks like too. I've gotta read it every issue too. It's like a car accident that you absolutely must see.

On that note, I will end what is probably the biggest everything/nothing post I've ever written. Why the hell did you read all of this? I don't know why I typed it. I'll say this for Marquette. At least it's not UWM.

EDIT: I just noticed something about that 1832 blog. After some digging and reserach (I read the top of their page), I found out what the "1832" means. "While this blog celebrates Andrew Jackson's founding of the Democratic party..." Andrew Jackson? Wow. I'm kind of surprised to see a group of modern Democrats cozying up to him. Trail of Tears and all.


Welcome to the world of Marquette blogs. The reason why 1832 is called 1832 is becuase Andrew Jackson believed that the "average man" was able and ready to participate in the political process. This also seems to be spirit of idea behind "blogs".

I also ask that you check out the GOP3.com and 1832 archives. You will see that we have found common ground on a few topics, including the "Marquette GOLD" annoucement by the Board of Trustees and our dislike of Marquette's Office of Student Development. But we do enjoy a good pissing contest now and then.

I see your point about Jackson. There is a lot about him that I like. I liked his leadership at the Battle of New Orleans. I like the fact that he beat up a guy that tried to assassinate him. I like that fact that he told the Supreme Court to get bent (it's unfortunate that it was about something as horrible as the Trail of Tears). I also like $20 bills.

And I meant "pissing contest" in the nicest way possible.

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