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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 


I know I said I would go over the Sunstein article on Roberts today. I lied. I'm tired and just want to go to bed. Speaking of everyone's favorite current Supreme Court nominee, there is going to be discussion panel at ye olde law school entitled The Roberts Nomination: A Progressive Conversation tomorrow. I will not be in attendance. I'd like to be but it's too late in the day for me. Taking into account my cancelled class, I will be done at 10:15 tomorrow. I'd like to be home by 1-ish, after doing some reading for Thursday and attending the Environmental Law Society cook out. I'm intrigued to see what kind of grills they will be using and what their effects on the local air quality will be.

But back to Roberts. The panel will consist of MULS Professor Scott Moss, Sheila Cochran of Milwaukee County Labor Council, Henry Hamilton III of the Milwaukee Chapter of the NAACP, Kimberly Robson of People for the American Way, and Nicole Safar of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. I think I have an idea what will be said, but I'd like to go just to be sure. Maybe I will go, it depends on how I feel tomorrow. I'm pretty pumped about the whole confirmation. I have vague memories of my mom watching the Thomas hearings but that's it. Since I have somewhat of a grasp on Constitutional law, I can fully understand and appreciate what is being said now. The hearings start in a week and I will be TIVOing them then watching them during the following weekend. Pretty shocking that I don't have a girlfriend huh? "Gee, pretty girl, I'd love to spend some time with you but they're asking him about the Commerce clause now. Don't you get it? Commerce clause issues!" Yeah, it's pathetic.

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