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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Message to the Hurricane Looters

I hope that when you are wading through that tepid water to loot the Wal-Mart that you get infected with a horrible bacterial disease. There are tons of people dead, many more homeless, entire areas of states are destroyed. But you are more concerned about stealing shit and laughing about it. Please get infected with a horrible disease that kills you slowly and painfully. Then you can think about the total immorality of your behavior. Scum.

PS: I'm very glad that I didn't go to law school at the University of Mississippi now.

EDIT: I just saw footage on MSNBC of two COPS looting a store along with the rest of the trash. There was a reporter there asking them what the hell they were doing. They stopped pushing their fucking cart of shit and said "Looking for looters." Check the fucking mirror. There were also tons of looters around them so their detecting skills are not very honed. So much for my faith in humanity.

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