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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 


I really can't think of a thing to write about today, nothing that deserves its own post.

Durbin apologized. Big deal. He said what he said, it was a prepared statement, he meant it, and he only apologized to take the heat off of himself. The Gitmo thing is still absurd. I really wonder about some of the people in this country sometimes. There is almost a reflexive desire to believe the worst about ourselves and forgive the sins of our enemies.

I am so sick of hearing about 2008 and the presidency. I know the media has been pushing this since November 3rd and I know why. Reason 1: They hate Bush and want to ignore the second term. Reason 2: It is rare to not have an heir to the White House lined up, since Cheney says he won't run. I just think that speculating on it now is useless. Who knows what will happen in the next year or two? That might dramatically alter the types of candidates that have the best chance of winning. If I had to choose someone right now to be president... Governor Bill Owens.

I have two days of class left. It went really damn fast. We get our take home exam on Thursday and have to turn it in next Wednesday. I'm going to put everything on hold for this. I will do stuff, go out, whatever, but I will spend most of my time working on the exam. I really want to do well. I sort of regret not signing up for a class next session too. But I will probably end up doing something with my time.

My laziness in finding something to post about is spreading to other areas in my mind. I'm exhausted. Hopefully there is a more active news day tomorrow.

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