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Friday, June 17, 2005 


My arch nemesis strikes again.

I'm not high on PETA's list of nice guys. I had meat at all three meals I had today, and plan on inventing a fourth meal later tonight consisting solely of meat. I'm not too sad about this though, because PETA fucking sucks. The worst part is that many of their supporters have no idea what they truly stand for and what they actually do.

How many of you pet owners out there who cut a check to PETA know that they don't think you should be able to own said pet?

How many of their supporters know that PETA kills animals by the thousands?

How many of them know that PETA sends money to ALF members who blow up labs, destroying property and research?

Speaking of research, how many people know that PETA opposes any and all animal research that would develop cures for terminal diseases?

How many people know that PETA lies to kids in their "outreach program" saying that animal research has no applicability to humans? (I guess if you discount the animal research that developed treatment for anthrax, rabies, smallpox, rickets, diabetes, heart disease, anesthesia, tetanus, arthritis, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, open heart surgery, you get the picture)

By the way, the vice president of PETA is a diabetic and uses insulin developed through animal testing. She sees no hypocrisy in this.

PETA sucks.

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