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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 


Recent BS on Gitmo.

Ok, here's the deal. I want Gitmo to remain open, no doubt in my mind. If there are American citizens held there, they should be given a trial. Military tribunals are fine by me. That's all they deserve. If they aren't US citizens, fuck 'em. Seriously. I don't give a shit about these thugs and barbarians that took up arms against us. They are not members of a uniformed army so the Geneva Convention does not apply to them.

Now we've got people like Biden, Leahy, and some of the more pussy Republicans getting all nervous about our image and allegations of abuse. Our image? Our fucking image? I don't give a damn about our image. I want these thugs behind bars. Being popular is meaningless to me. Let's say we close Gitmo, then what? Everyone loves us? Bullshit.

We have a major security presence at Gitmo, a huge military presence, and it's not on US soil (I know it technically counts, but you know what I mean). This is the best place to hold them. The prisoners are receiving humane treatment, meals, religious materials, and more respect than I would give them.

If we close Gitmo, it does nothing. I don't care what Thomas Freidman says. It would be a meaningless act that would not make one more person in the world love us. You can either be tough or you can be weak and hope it makes you popular.

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Amen! Let them rot! I remember reading in one of the crappy weeklies (i.e. newsweek, time, all the other crappy ones) in an interview with a Gitmo doctor who was patching up the combantants and treating them his own experience. He related an instance where one of the combatants he healed from near death and was doing a checkup on (he was returned to full health by the help of OUR doctors) that "I'm sure your a good man and thankyou for healing me, but if I ever get out of here I will kill you!" Screw that! Let them rot!

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