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Wednesday, May 25, 2005 

There's No Crying in Politics

I'm searching for video of Voinovich almost crying today in the Senate over John Bolton. He's got the balls to say that this nomination is so horribly wrong that he's near tears. If this nomination was so important, why couldn't he get his ass to any of the hearings? Too busy? Then he shows up late and halts the proceedings.

He wants a kind and considerate ambassador at the UN. Somebody who will give the Arab League and the EU a reach-around. Basically, a wuss. I personally want Bolton there, for three reasons.
1. That mustache needs as much TV time as it can get.
2. Free drama on CSPAN.
3. A real reason... The UN is a corrupt, flawed (almost fatally flawed) organization that is in dire need of straightening out. I know all the internationalists out there don't want to hear it but it's true. We need an ass kicker in there right now. Never mind Oil for Food, never mind the Syrians on the Human Rights Committee, and never mind turning a blind eye to Saddam for a decade. Nothing to fix here...

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