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Wednesday, May 25, 2005 

Broder: I <3 McCain

David Broder fellates John McCain

"Oh he's such a leader, he's so independent, he's such a maverick..."

The next person to use the word "maverick" in my presence gets five across the eyes. I'm seriously sick of that word. I'm working on mentally altering my brain to hear the word "maverick" and interpret it as "self-centered opportunist." That should cut down on my stress a bit.

When are people going to get this simple fact: this maverick jazz is all bullshit. John McCain, George Voinovich, Lindsay Graham, etc. do not give a shit about you. They don't care about your life or your happiness. They care about themselves and their own power in Washington. They are no different than the rest of the 99% of politicians of both parties that are pretty much worthless. They all just sit in the Capitol, spend your tax money wastefully, ignore the Constitution, and generally take up valuable space.

At the rate of things currently, I can't see a single person in Washington that deserves my vote for the presidency. I'm holding out hope for a few governors right now though.

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