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Monday, May 23, 2005 

Stupid Senate Deal

So this group of 14 strikes a compromise which allows Owen, Brown, and Pryor, says nothing about Saad and Myers (assume the worst), and leaves the filibuster open for the future.



All this does is probably stop two qualified judges and delays the inevitable. The next Supreme Court nominee will be filibustered. No question. Bush will nominate a strict constructionist, liberal interest groups will pressure the Democrats to stop anyone who would damage Roe, and we will be in the same damn situation as before. Only then, the stakes will be higher, the fight will be worse, the rhetoric will be more severe, and I will lose the iota of faith I have in the Senate.

The only happiness I get out of this deal is that liberal interest groups have spent millions of dollars going after Owen, Brown, and Pyror. Money that is now just pissed away.

EDIT: As I think about this a little, this deal is much more nuanced than I thought. I'm going to really think about this and expand on it. I still think it avoids the issue, but am now unsure who came out better here.

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