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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

More on the Senate Compromise

I've been thinking about this for a few hours, letting it all settle in. I still think that deal sucks. The Republicans gave up way too much. You're the majority. Act like it. What's really odd is how this got settled. There have been arguments over why we should let a minority of 45 Senators decide these nominations. This deal lets a minority of 14 Senators decide these nominations. Odd how that worked out.

As far as the Supreme Court, there is an out for the president here in this horrible deal. The language says that the Democrats will only block in extraordinary circumstances. Owen, Brown, and Pryor will all get votes and will all pass. Those are the nominees that President Bush should elevate to the Court. At most, he will get to name 3, replacing Rehnquist, O'Connor, and probably (hopefully) Stevens. Michael McConnell is the most likely choice for the first replacement. He probably still should be the first nominee. He is very qualified, and it would be almost impossible for the Democrats to block him without looking like total asses. The next nominee should come from the group of three that will get confirmed this week. That way if the Democrats try to block them again, it will look absurd.

I guess that's the best that can be done. Work within this horrible deal and get solid judges onto the Court. I think McCain did this for himself. He knows that he will never get the Republican nomination for the presidency and he's getting pretty old anyway. This is another power play by him to elevate his position in Washington and in the eyes of the media, who fawn over him at every chance they get. I'm surprised more people don't see what a shrewd politician he is. Isn't anyone else noticing that he takes whatever position on the issue of the day that will get him the most press time and headlines?

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