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Saturday, May 21, 2005 

This Jet Set Life is Going to Kill Me

Not really.

But Friday turned out to be more interesting than I expected. I woke up early with a bit of a hangover, still tasting the beer and Denny's smothered fries in the recesses of my throat. The weather was nice but kind of chilly, so I decided to just kick back and read a book. I ended up in the kitchen to take advantage of the picture window, which led me to turning on the radio in the kitchen to take in the soothing sounds of AM talk radio. Then I decided to get ambitious. "Hell, I'm already in the kitchen. I'll make some food." I decided to grill some pizza, since the dough needs an hour to rise and that would give me ample reading time. And so I did. As I finished eating around 1 PM, I get a call from Dave. He wants to know if I want to go to Six Flags right now.

Well. Yeah. I needed a little time to clean up since the kitchen was a mess. But we were on the road by 2, knowing full well that the park closed at 6. Whatever. We'd get our season passes processed and hit up a few rides. Much to our delight, it was about 10 degrees warmer in IL. And there was no one at the park. We walked on a lot of the rides. It was one of those spur of the moment things and I'm glad we went.

I ended up downtown today near school to buy my book for summer school. Little bastard set me back $100. I need to get into the textbook publishing business. That's where the real money is.

I dropped by LFM to visit my former co-workers. Everything seems fine there. I was asked when I was coming back to work. I laughed. Hey, I love those people and enjoyed my time there, but you gotta move on sometime. I do need the money right now but I also need to be able to concentrate on studying. The summer schedule at LFM doesn't lend well to that.

My new laptop is on the way. I got the shipment e-mail from Dell, so it should be here Tuesday I think. Then I get to go through the process of transferring what files of mine that I have to it. I did burn a bunch of back up CDs a while ago, but they don't have everything. I think I have most of my mp3s, and that's what is important.

It's all about priorities.

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