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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 

It's So Easy to Hate the Media

Let me get this straight... Newsweek publishes a story saying that US interrogators at Gitmo threw a copy of the Koran into a toilet. The Muslims, being a prickly bunch at times, riot in Afghanistan. People die, many more people are injured. Turns out the story wasn't true. Whoops! After some hemming and hawing, Newsweek retracts the story. The Muslims are still a bit upset. White House press secretary Scott McClellan says that Newsweek needs to do its part to fix this mess and set the record straight on US procedures.

The White House press corps has a meltdown. Led by the indignation of ABC's Terry Moran (pronounce that however you want), they demand to know where the White House gets off telling Newsweek what to publish. Ha.

This is all part of the collapse of the dominance of traditional media. They are so arrogant, and their arrogance shows brighter each day. When it's suggested that a magazine do its part to correct a mistake they made, a mistake that has left people dead, they scoff at the notion. "How dare you tell me what to write?" Fine. Write whatever you want, facts be damned, and let the world riot. After all, the media can do no wrong.

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