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Monday, February 06, 2006 

America and the Courts

I missed C-SPAN's America and the Courts this weekend, but it's available online here. This action packed episode includes the swearing in ceremony of Justice Alito and interviews with 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Frank Easterbrook and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Diarmuid O'Scannlain. The Alito part is just an enjoyable moment for those of us who are happy that he's on the Court. To me, the Easterbrook interview is the real interesting part of the program. He talks about how he uses his law clerks, the 7th Circuit itself, his nomination process, and joking a bit about potentially being on the Court. Judge Easterbrook is a dark horse candidate for the next Supreme Court vacancy. He's got an amazing resume, an extensive body of academic work, and two decades on the federal bench. He also suffers from white male syndrome, so that could make him an unlikely nominee. I stopped watching halfway through the O'Scannlain interview, because I wanted to watch 24. I might finish it later.

EDIT: Did anyone else catch the John McCain cameo on 24 tonight? Proof.

Not a big fan of 24. A lot of people say it's really good, but I could never get that into it. That having been said, it is really exciting to have Alito and Roberts on the bench! Hopefully Bush will get another pick and nominate a third justice of this quality.

BTW: My blog, Holstein Grove, has moved off blogspot and has found a new home at www.wisgrove.com. Please update your blogroll next time you work on your blog.


24 is the only network TV show that I make a point of watching every week. I've been watching it religiously since the first season and I'm hooked, so I can't quit now. Jack Bauer is my hero.

I'll update the link ASAP.

I never miss The Office or Earl if I can help it. Law and Order is pretty good, but I don't like it when they try to infuse the writers' agenda into the script. But generally L&O is good TV.

Well the other important factor in my 24 viewing is that Monday is one of the few nights of the week that I'm not in class. It's hard to keep up on prime time TV when you're stuck in a classroom.

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