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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

I Love Protesters

I'd like to say my thanks to the First Amendment for keeping me so entertained for so many years. For instance, take a look at these pictures from yesterday's World Can't Wait anti-Bush protest. It looks like I missed a fun time.

The protest is anti-Bush and... pro-fisting?

This is not exactly the most impressive noisemaker.

Is that Puck from the Real World?

Have you ever worn a gas mask? After about 2 minutes, it smells like burning armpit hair. I have no idea how these people wear them for an entire protest.

Fresh from fighting off an invasion of Alpha Centauri from the insect people, Captain Supernova flew his spaceship to Earth to voice his anger with the Bush Administration's policies.

And now the true colors show: Marx, Lenin, and Mao
. Somehow I don't think that Chairman Mao would be as accepting of an anti-government protest in his country.

Hey, lady. What did Jimmy Stewart ever do to you?

Ah yes. The traditional burning of the Corporate America flag. I understand being mad at Nike, Shell, and the media companies, but what has Playboy done to deserve this?

Where have I seen that salute before...

Drums are so 60's. The protest instrument of the 21st century should be the banjo.

Earth first!

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