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Monday, December 26, 2005 

Just a Reminder

We are two weeks away from the start of the Alito confirmation hearings. Classes resume on the Wednesday of that week, so I only get to watch two full days. But on Monday and Tuesday, I will be staked out on my couch, most likely screaming at Joe Biden through the television.

LMAO...I scream at Biden even when he's on the Sunday morning shows.

Have fun...drink heavily...it helps to translate "Bidenese" into English

I wish I would've recorded the running commentary done by a few of us in the law school student lounge during the Roberts hearings. There's nothing like a room full of law students laughing at senators who are trying to read Con Law questions that they don't understand (obviously written by someone else).

I hope Biden repeats his jackassery in the Alito hearings too. He was just obnoxious, and he thinks that this will get him the presidency in 2008. He's like the really loud guy in the bar who isn't really drunk but acts like it so everyone in the bar pays attention to him. Pathetic.

Usually, guys like that, end up getting the shit kicked out of them.

Last time he ran for president, he stole someone else's speech. I wonder what low he'll sink to this time?

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