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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Hefeweizen

I can't stand having one beer sitting in my fridge. It just looked so lonely in there by itself. I might as well drink it and review it. Tonight, I'm having a Samuel Adams Hefeweizen. For those of you beer novices out there, hefeweizen is German for "yeast wheat". It's made with, you guessed it, wheat and barley (not just barley). It's cloudy because the yeast is not filtered out. I would call the aroma "sharp". It's not overly fragrant, but your nose will definitely take notice. The initial taste is quite crisp. The beer is light on the tongue, but the flavor grows as it passes over the taste buds and down your throat. The flavor creeps up on you. The finish is clean and light without much of an aftertaste.

I like my hefeweizens with a slice of lemon. Don't squeeze it and drop it in though. Leave it on the rim. After every drink, run the lemon slice around the rim a few times. This way you get a hint of lemon with every drink, and you don't have pulp or other lemon bits floating in your beer.

The Sam Adams Hefeweizen is a very drinkable beer. I would probably have this with a meal, because it's not too overpowering. It won't get in the way of the taste of your food. When pairing it, consider it a white wine: chicken or fish. Or just be like me and forget about the food. Sam Adams, aside from being a Son of Liberty, brews a damn good beer. Spring break in Boston maybe?

why the hell would you put a lemon in a beer? If you want a lemon beer order a lemon beer. Dont ruin something that someone spent time brewing. Why not put an orange in your wheat beer instead?

Uh, cause it tastes good?

An orange would be good too. A lot of bars give you an orange slice with a Blue Moon.

I have never, ever, ever seen a Bavarian put an orange or lemon near a Hefe. IMHO, if you want a different flavor in your hefeweizen, drink a different hefeweizen.

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