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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Honorable Person of the Day

This award goes to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Seriously. I think that she deserves a lot of praise for staying the entire time (as reported by Wendy Long) that the panel of judges from the 3rd Circuit was testifying about Judge Alito. I also think that she's been pretty fair with her questions. She's polite and lets Judge Alito answer the question. I'm shocked to say this, but I've been impressed.

I understand that the senators have other business to attend to and have to leave the hearings at times. But I do wonder why almost all of the other Democratic senators had to miss the majority of the judges' testimony. Leahy was there for a while. Kennedy made a brief appearance. Durbin stopped in. Why were the rest of them absent? Funny how Schumer got up and left right before the judges were about to testify. I'd think that Judge Alito's colleagues would have a great deal of insight on who he actually is. I can't wait to watch this later.

EDIT: Watching the judges right now on the replay. Judge Becker was great, especially that bit about his wife's Vanguard fund. He has never recused himself from a Vanguard case. Why? Because a mutual fund is not an ownership interest nor a financial interest according to the USC. I've been so pissed about the Vanguard questions because this is a pretty easy ethics question. I also think it's great that Donald Trump's sister is a federal judge.

Durbin pisses me off pretty much without fail. Although I'm from the Sheboygan area, job transfering has landed me and mine here in Illinois, the land of morons. As much as I was never exactly in love with Feingold or Kohl, the scumbags here really get under my skin.

I can't say that I'm a Durbin fan or a Feingold fan. Feingold's questioning wouldn't be so bad if he had just avoided the repeated Vanguard questions (asked and answered). I don't agree with Kohl often at all, but I think that he's going to do the right thing and vote for Alito. That's my prediction for the committee vote, 11-7.

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