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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Beer Review: Samuel Adams Black Lager

I have been neglecting my beer reviewing duties way too much. I'm going to hoist one back tonight in honor of Judge Alito finishing his testimony today. Tonight's victim is a Samuel Adams Black Lager. Honestly, Sammy Adams and I are not very well acquainted. Before buying this sampler pack, I have only tried their Oktoberfest. I'm feeling in a dark beer kind of mood tonight, so I went with the Black Lager.

First impressions. It lives up to its name. This beer is black. When held up to the light, no light shows through at all. The aroma is incredible. It's got hints of chocolate and caramel, as well as a smell that I can only describe as "roasted". The first taste is great. There is a hint of spice that wakes up the taste buds, but the flavor is not overpowering. I think that many dark beers have too much flavor. They just end up being heavy in your mouth and even heavier in your stomach. I don't want a meal; I want a beer. The Black Lager is very smooth. It slides easily down your throat with a clean finish. There is a slight after taste, but it's a good one. There is a lingering light flavor of chocolate and caramel. I'm not sure it will do wonders for your breath, but it tastes great.

I have a love-hate relationship with dark beers. I love the taste. The flavors of dark beers are bold and just plain good. Unfortunately, a lot of dark beers are just too heavy. You get two of them in you and you're done. You end up with that "I have to go to the bathroom" feeling. The Black Lager gives you the flavors of a dark beer but not the full stomach. I'm pretty impressed with this beer. The next time that I'm in the mood for a dark beer, I know which one I'm going to buy.

shut up you whiny bitch and learn to drink like a man. Take a 2 liter bottle, fill it with dark beer and drink one every night. within 2 weeks i guarantee you will not be full from 2 bottles of a dark beer.

Heather says hi, to my imaginary friend

If I did that, I might actually gain some weight. No thank you. I like my womanly figure.

Too much dark beer just makes me feel like I have to crap. Just does. Don't know why.

What are you drinking tonight? Or did you just skip the liquor store and decide to bitch about not having your beloved Dunkel from the tap?

If I am imaginary, then is this blog all your doing? That would be a hell of a lot of work for a joke.

Dig the blog, just stumbled upon it. Where do you go to law school?

As for me, I'm in my final year at USD.

Glad you like it. I'm a 2L at Marquette.

I had a Black Bavarian tonight by Sprecher. Good beer, I was really suprised by the chocolate finish to the beer until I read the label and it stated that the beer had carmelized and chocolate flavors used. I think the most interesting aspect to the Black Bavarian is that they are able to get such a complex taste by using only water, hopps, and barley. Quite the interesting beer.

After the Black Bavarian, I tried the Miller 1855 Celebration Lager. Well, it had a decent taste, but so does water. Speaking of water, this beer was for the most part, well, water. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

Next, will be a Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider. I know, I know Chick drink, but its been on my list. Hopefully tomorrow I can find a 6 pack of Liney's Apple Spice and try it both cold and warm...

You are so becoming me. I can't wait until the beer reviews start popping up on your blog. I honestly endorse it though. I am totally behind the beer reviews in The Warrior too. Spread the word of the glory of the brewed pint. Show those wine snobs what it's all about too.

I've had the Black Bavarian and really like it. I'm not a big Sprecher fan either (aside from their sodas), so I was surprised. It's a solid beer.

Miller products... Okay, if I have to drink a macrobrew, I'll drink Miller out of regional loyalty. Aside from that, I am not a big Miller fan. I haven't had 1855 yet, and I don't think I would buy a six pack either. I'll take a free one or if it's dirt cheap though.

Woodchuck is a decent brand. Yes, you will grow a vagina from drinking their products but so what? The Granny's got a good bite to it, so it's definitely not a kiddie drink. I would urge you to take a half pint, drop a shot of apple schnapps into it, and pound it. It's good for what ails ya.

Personally, I'm sticking with rum tonight. I've got more beer reviews coming up this weekend though. You get my voicemail?

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