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Sunday, January 15, 2006 

I Almost Died of Shock...

...when I read the editorial in the Journal-Sentinel supporting the confirmation of Judge Alito. The editors reject the idea of a filibuster and even reject the idea of any delay in a vote. They urge both of our senators to vote to confirm Alito. Wow. I take back some of (not all of) the bad things I've said about this newspaper.
But, again, elections have consequences. Voters knew what these were, and Alito is not demonstrably beyond the pale of the U.S. mainstream.
Nice job breaking it down for everyone, editors. This is the same reason that I would not oppose a Democratic president nominating another Breyer or Ginsburg. Elections matter. The Court is one of the spoils.

The letters to the editor include two anti-Alito letters, one anti-senators letter (nominally pro-Alito), and one anti-Kennedy letter. The idea that President Bush should have nominated "a fair and open-minded jurist who would win easy confirmation and satisfy large majorities of the country..." is a joke. There is a sizable portion of this country that would be against anyone nominated by this president. Bush could resurrect Earl Warren and there would still be 22 votes against him.

Again, I totally agree with you. I can't oppose Alito simply because he was nominated by a Republican. A Republican president gets to nominate a Justice to be confirmed by a Republican Sentate. They won, so they should be able to do that.

I hope you are not implying that Earl Warren was "a fair and open-minded jurist!"

Clubbs: Unfortunately, there are many people who disagree with you.

Prof. McAdams: Haha, not at all. His mind was so open that his brain fell out.

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