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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

UWEC's War on Religion

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has forbidden any RA to lead a Bible study in the dorms.

I spotted this on Volokh over lunch and really wasn't surprised. I went to UWEC my freshman year, and the administration there is not above doing something like this. I didn't transfer back to Milwaukee for any ideological conflict though. I just got sick of going to school in the damn woods.

Lord Volokh himself points out that this is blatantly unconstitutional. There seems to be an implicit hostility towards any expression of religion on many college campuses. Even UWEC should know that this is taking it way too far. Honestly, is it really that big of an issue? Have things changed up there to much in 5 years that Bible studies are ubiquitous in the dorms? I remember more binge drinking, sex in the showers, and childish pranks than religious studies. Maybe 8 North was just the place where they stuck all us heathens...

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