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Thursday, October 27, 2005 

Post-Miers: An Opportunity

Now that Miers has withdrawn, we're back where we started... sort of. President Bush is in much more trouble now than he was in the past. It's been a very rough week at 1600 Pennsylvania, but there is hope.

Monday morning, I want to wake up to a press conference announcing the new Supreme Court nominee. I want someone that I can get behind. I'm not alone. Judicial conservatives, strict constructionists, originalists, and textualists have been waiting for this fight for a long time. We are ready. We want this fight. We need this fight. For the right nominee, we will do anything to get confirmation. This is the president's chance to not only rally his base, but ignite his base. Give us the nominee that we were promised, and all of the energy used to opposed Miers will be focused to support the new nominee. In fact, it will be much more vigorous than the Miers opposition, because everyone will be on board.

Once again, here is the list. If Bush nominates Luttig, McConnell, or Brown, I will give him my first born. The kid can be a farm hand down on the Crawford ranch or something. In my gut, I still think that the nominee will be a woman. I also think that the White House will wrongly want to avoid the fight for Brown, even though it would be so worth it. She and Justice Thomas are old friends and think alike. I'd love to see them work together.

But I stand by my previous (incorrect) pick of Karen Williams as the next nominee. She's proven, she agrees with Luttig on almost everything, she's fairly young, and she'll look good on TV. I would love to see Diane Sykes nominated otherwise. She would be the only Justice on the Court who was a trial judge. That's sort of a cool distinction. There are a lot of great names. Just pick one of them, White House.

As sort of a looking down the road issue, I'm very intrigued by Viet Dinh. He has an extensive resume for someone of his age. He is co-author of a piece in the Opinion Journal today (that I am too lazy to link; you go find it), and he teaches Con Law at Georgetown. President Bush should nominate him to an appeals court as soon as possible. Then there might be a promotion down the road. As much as I disagree with identity politics, it's a wonderful way to turn it around on the people who practice it.

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