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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

Something Worth Reading in the Trib... For Once

My fellow 2L classmate James (Mike to his friends) Sturino has the featured campus viewpoint (fancy way to say "letter to the editor") on the Marquette Tribune's website. Honestly, I'm only mentioning it is because I had a hand in the editing and structure of the piece. That's what a nice guy I am. I like to help.

The Trib gave it that goofy title. I don't know a single human being under the age of 75 that uses the word "follies" in normal conversation. Read it here.

Signed copies are available from Sturino in the Wisconsin Room of the law library.

You forgot to mention, the signed copies will be available for a $5 contribution to www.getalitoconfirmed.com. If you have a problem with that, i am sure Steve will deal with you properly.

Thanks for the 'attention' Steve.

I'm sure that we'll raise tens of dollars.

Way to miss Evidence today.

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