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Sunday, October 30, 2005 

Tomorrow Morning?

That's the rumor. We find out who the next Supreme Court Justice will be tomorrow. Just about everyone thinks that it is going to be Judge Sam Alito of the 3rd Circuit. Great pick, solid pick. He's not one of my "Bush gets my first born" picks, but I am behind Alito 100%. A key plus for Alito is that Specter likes him. Normally, someone who wrote the dissent in Casey (as Alito did at the appellate level) would be in Specter's crosshairs. Of course, Schumer and Co. will be after him like mad. But screw it, it's time to fight.

I know that Casey will be the main avenue of attack on Alito. It's always about abortion, especially when Ralph Neas and Nan Aron get involved. I'm sure the press releases are locked and loaded right now. Who cares? No one takes those two goofs seriously anyway. Still, they are going to misrepresent Alito's dissent, banking on people not actually reading it for themselves. Fear not, faithful readers. I will hit the books on the 3rd Circuit's Casey opinion, and re-read the Court's.

But I might be getting ahead of myself. Alito isn't even the nominee yet. If he is, I'm happy. He's likeable and will do great on TV and in front of the committee. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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