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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

Profound Legal Statements

Law & Alcoholism discusses appellate advocacy after his moot court competition...
[M]oot court oral argument is really the legal equivalent of porn-star oral sex: flashy and fun to watch, but not going to get a girl screaming your name without the essentials. Real-world oral argument, however, is messy, sometimes smelly, and best when she's got a Brazillian (sic) wax.

It's no "Equal justice under the law" but I like it.

He clarifies...
What I meant to say was that real oral arguments, like real oral sex, aren't viewer-oriented; they're result-oriented. If you can convince the judge that the law and public policy are on your side, it doesn't matter whether you stumble over a word or two.

This is what we call making law fun. Let's all play.

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