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Saturday, November 05, 2005 

Dominique de Villepin Doesn't Care About Black People

Anyone notice that France is burning down? I came across this a few days ago and have been trying to muster the interest to write a post. It's Saturday afternoon, it's raining, and I'm watching I Love the 80's 3D for the fourth time. I'll do the post now.

Apparently, roving gangs of primarily immigrant youths have decided to torch cars, destroy buildings, and fight the police. As the CNN story states...
The vandalism has spread to around 20 communities among largely immigrant and Muslim populations frustrated by poverty, high unemployment and what they see as discrimination in French society. In some areas, unemployment is 25 percent.

Where's Kanye West? Get him in front of a camera so he can assign some blame.

Europe has an immigration problem that has been fairly hidden until recently. I think that the first overt example of the problem was the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. He made a film that was critical of some elements of Islam and was shot to death for his effort. Now, the France riots have occurred. Why? Well, immigrant populations in France especially do not assimilate. This isn't like ethnic neighborhoods in American cities (like a Chinatown or a Little Italy). These are areas that the cab drivers do not want to enter. These are areas that the police simply do not patrol. It's like a chunk of Algeria has ripped up and placed into the Paris suburbs.

In general, I think that immigrant populations in America assimilate rather well. It may take a generation or two to get the language down, but most people who are here are here for the opportunities. They are the small business owners working 60 hours a week to carve out a future for their families. That's not what happened in France. And the French simply don't understand how to handle it.
There have been calls by the Green Party and the Communist Party for Sarkozy to resign, after he called the rioters "scum" earlier in the week -- language that served only to inflame the vandalism.
First of all, Communist Party?! Are you kidding me?! Second, look at that response. These French leaders see gangs destroying their cities, and their first reaction is to placate them. Basically, bribe them. Maybe the massive welfare state of the French government and the general sluggishness of their economy should be looked at before they start handing out civil service jobs to Johnny Riots-a-lot.

Best of luck, my Gallic friends. I'm sure if you're in too deep, the US and UK militaries can bail you out. We've had practice. (Cheap shot, I know. But too good to pass up.)

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