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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Can Marquette Be Far Behind?

Read the bottom of page 2 of the New Perspective. If you are confused about which article I'm pointing to, it's "Lonely nights no more." Mark Belling talked about this on his show this afternoon. Freshman Matt Kramer-Morning wants to start a school-recognized pornography club at Carroll College. Carroll is a Presbyterian school, just so you know. Carroll told Belling that this would just not fly at their school.

Here's a great quote...
"I love porn, and what better club to start, a club devoted to one of the most beautiful and natural things on this God forsaken Earth."

The hyphenated last name and "God forsaken Earth" line give me a pretty good idea of where this kid is coming from. This is what college is like these days. Oh sure, his request got denied. But as the article points out, UW-Madison has a sex awareness club. While the two clubs are not exactly the same (even Madison has some standards), these clubs are still pretty shady uses of student activity fees. I'd rather not subsidize your porn or condoms.

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