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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

This is Just Beautiful

About a week ago, I made a post concerning blogs in general. I said that the blogs on my blogroll are ones that I check daily. Well I do read other blogs. Occasionally, I will scan the links of my favorite blogs and check a few out once a week or so. I do that on John McAdams' blog a lot. I read Charlie Sykes' blog once a week (I don't really like him that much), I check out the MU Federalists' blog, and I see what my fellow MU students are up to. What did I find while making my weekly rounds? Check out the 1832 blog, this post in particular.

This is a post by Espana, the "anonymous" new member of the 1832 team. It criticizes another MU student blogger for being racist in his posts. There are no links to the offending posts and only two partial quotes of the offending language. I don't know the other student blogger and am far too lazy and uninterested to look through all of his posts to find the ones in question. So I can't really speak to whether he is a racist or this is an accurate portrayal of his views. Now, I have no problem with one person criticizing the views of another. But I think it is downright gutless and cowardly to call someone a racist and then hide behind a fake name.

But wait, there's more. Someone at 1832 screwed up. I'm sure they will catch the mistake and edit the post but let me memorialize it here. From what I can tell, this post was an e-mail originally. And through a shoddy copy/paste job, the entire contents of the e-mail were posted, including this...
From: Bray, BrentSent: Tue 9/27/2005 11:06 AMTo: Michel, AmandaSubject:
Racism Permeating from Marquette College Republicans' Ranks


This is a wonderful example of why I have no desire to get involved in politics on the Marquette campus. It's back and forth mudslinging. It's name calling. It's childish. It's a lot like Washington DC. Grow up, kids. Play nice. Or if you're not going to play nice, at least have the guts to sign your name to your accusations.

EDIT: Damn, I'm good.

EDIT 2: They even added links. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to click on them and read the material (and I just don't care much about this anymore). But this proves one thing. I get results, and I don't even have to get off of my chair in Raynor.

EDIT Tres: The link in EDIT stopped working. It looks like the URL was changed yet again. That must be a coincidence. Don't worry, it's fixed now. Check out the comments and see Ryan Alexander get all Adlai Stevenson on Joseph Kastner. I'd discuss this more, but the whole thing is giving me acid reflux. Also, it's just lame, and I'd rather be reading my homework than this garbage.

Gee, I wonder where he got that line about calling someone who hides behind a fake name a coward...

FINAL EDIT: Prof. McAdams has taken up the torch on this, so I'm pretty much done. He knows more about the parties involved and has much more patience than I do. I can't stand spending another minute on this train wreck. This whole thing is pathetic.

UN-FINAL EDIT: Ok, I'm just annoyed now. The URL for the post was changed again. I'll leave the old one in EDIT and put the new one here. See, this one is http://1832.blogspot.com/2005/09/racism-permeates-from-within-marquette.html. The old one was http://1832.blogspot.com/2005/09/racism-permeating-from-within-marquette.html Something tells me that this is more than 1832 tweaking their word usage. I guess they don't want me linking the contents of their original post to their modified post. I'll just keep changing the link.

1832 should come clean about the original post. Explain what you originally posted on your blog, explain why it was wrong to level an attack at someone from behind a fake name, explain why there were no links originally, explain why you changed it. Or you can keep changing the URL. Either way, I'm annoyed enough by this to keep it up.

LATE NIGHT EDIT: Now the post is entirely gone from the 1832 site. I guess they threw in the towel. Don't worry, 1832. I'll keep my post up. Maybe I won't update for a while either, so it stays right on top. I wouldn't want anyone to miss this.

DAY 2 EDIT: I think this whole fiasco is over. The post is back up here with another new URL. There is an apology about the whole situation here. I still question the URL changes, since a few of them happened when no editing of the post itself occurred. I also still question why Brent Bray was posting this accusation under a fake name. But I'll just leave it at that.

Re-reading my post, I can't keep from laughing at the absurdity of this whole thing. I don't care at all about campus politics. I'm not involved in groups. I don't go to meetings. I don't care much about what the various factions post on their blogs. But if something similar to this happens again, I'm going to call you on it. I'm in law school; I sleep three hours a night. I'm up. I'm going to catch every unsigned attack, every URL change, and every deleted post. Behave and you'll never have to deal with me on your case again.

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