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Sunday, September 25, 2005 

Congratulations, War Protesters

Good job on your massive waste of time and resources this weekend. It was especially nice of you to use your buses and cars to burn tons of fossil fuels on the way to DC. A big shout out to the environmentalists in the group. You really stuck it to The Man this time.

Seriously, folks. I want every group involved in the DC protest to do the following when they get home or back to the commune or wherever. Add up all of the money you spent on this protest. Add up all of the time that was spent preparing or at the protest. Look at those figures and then think for a minute. Ask yourself if this was an efficient allocation of resources.

You know, you could've taken all that money and time and invested it into something that might actually matter, like winning an election or two. Maybe, just maybe, it's more worthwhile to support a candidate for office with sufficient funds and infrastructure than it is marching around The Mall for a weekend. I seriously doubt that there is a person in this country whose mind was changed by the protest. If that is true, then what was it all for? Your personal gratification? That's pretty selfish if you ask me.

You gotta win one when it counts. You need to find a candidate that has concrete, appealing ideas (not just "I'm not Bush"). You need to support said candidate with your time and money. Realize that your time is best spent being a rational and reasonable advocate for your position/candidate, not a sign waving, slogan chanting, neo-hippie. You know how I know I'm right about this tactical decision? Because the anti-war protest movement didn't get their candidate elected last time. McGovern got his clock cleaned.

Bush has his two terms. No amount of kicking and screaming will change that. So focus on the future, plan ahead, and stop fighting your chosen boogeyman who's not running for office again.

Why would I give you all of this advice on how to win when I don't support you? Cause you won't listen to it anyway.

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