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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 

Nominee on Friday?

That's the rumor.

Let's get this over already so I can stop reading endless amounts of crap about appeals court judges. It's fun to speculate but after a while, you just want a name. I think that the president's mention of diversity is not a head fake. It's a statement that the nominee will be a woman or racial minority. It would be nice if the best person for the job got the nomination, regardless of reproductive organs or melanin. But this is politics, and politics are rarely fair.

Here's my list...

Who I would nominate: Michael McConnell
Who would be the most entertaining in the Judiciary Committee: Alex Kozinski
Who everyone thinks it will be but won't: Alberto Gonzales
Who should've been on the Court fifteen years ago: Edith Jones, Richard Posner
Who I think it will be: Karen Williams

And I bet I'm going to be wrong on the last one. It's just too hard to call.

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